5 Days
25 Speakers
Online event

About The Midlife Festival

The Midlife Festival is a unique online event with an incredible line-up of experts who will inspire, encourage, support and guide you towards a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life.

Be the best version of you

You live a busy life – we get it, we do too – and somewhere along the way your own health and wellbeing may have moved to the bottom of the priority list.

That’s why we’re on a mission to bring together all the knowledge and guidance you need to live life to the full through your 40s, 50s and beyond.

From fitness, nutrition, hair & skincare to menopause, sleep, sex & relationships – we’ve got it all covered!

Come and hear from our expert speakers

You’ll have direct access to some of the world’s leading health and wellbeing experts and medical specialists. 

Dr. Alka Patel

GP, Coach, Speaker, Author, Podcaster & Workplace Wellbeing Strategist

Amanda Thebe

Personal Trainer and Author of ‘Menopocalypse'

Andrea McLean

CEO, Editor, Broadcaster and Best-Selling Author

Dr. Avrum Bluming

Medical Oncologist and Co-Author of best selling book ‘Oestrogen Matters'

Carol Tavris, Ph.D

Social Psychologist, Lecturer and Co-Author of ‘Oestrogen Matters'

Diane Danzebrink

Psychotherapist, Menopause Expert and Wellbeing Consultant

Gloria Smythe

Menopause Stylist & Style Expert

Jackie Lynch

Nutritional Therapist, Author & Podcaster

Karen Hobbs

The Eve Appeal’s Cancer Information Officer

Kate Rowe-Ham

Menopause Fitness Coach

Kim Vopni

Restorative Exercise Specialist, Personal Trainer & Author

Lorraine Candy

Former Editor in Chief of The Sunday Times Style magazine, Podcaster & Author

Dr. Louise Newson

GP & Menopause Specialist

Maryanne Taylor

Sleep Consultant and Founder, The Sleep Works

Prof. Michael Baum

Leading Breast Cancer Professor Emeritus of Surgery & Visiting Professor of Medical Humanities (UCL)

Michelle Griffith-Robinson

Olympian, Personal Trainer, Lifestyle Coach and Mentor

Nahid de Belgeonne

Somatic Movement Coach, Yoga Teacher and Founder of The Human Method™

Dr. Philippa Kaye

‘This Morning’ Dr, Journalist, Author & The Latte Lounges Resident GP

Rachel Schofield

Certified Career & Personal Development Coach & Founder of “ReWork Your Life”

Dr. Saadia Meyer

Practicing Clinician, Gynaecologist & BMS menopause expert

Samantha Evans

Sexual Health and Pleasure Expert and Co-founder, Jo Divine

Sarah-Jane Froom

Global Make Up Artist and TV & Radio Presenter

Tova Leigh

Podcaster, Author, Performer and Digital Content Creator

Trish Halpin

Award-winning Editor, Executive Coach, Brand Consultant, Podcaster and Writer

Dr. Victoria Swale

Consultant Dermatologist & Member of the British Association of Dermatologists

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Midlife Women

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The Latte Lounge

The Latte Lounge is a multi-award winning global platform for midlife women, founded by Katie Taylor.

Katie decided to do so after her own debilitating experiences with perimenopause, which you can read more about here.

Created in 2016, we help women to thrive in midlife. We provide evidence-based, unbiased support and information for all women’s perimenopause, menopause, health and wellbeing needs.

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We are proud to support our wonderful charity partner

The UK’s Gynaecological Cancer Research Charity raising awareness & funding research into five gynae-cancers: Womb, Ovarian, Cervical, Vulval and Vaginal.

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Come and join us at our first ever week long virtual health and wellbeing festival.

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